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  • Product Name : D6131 Quartz Stone Slab for Bathroom Vanity Top
    Size : D6131
    Country of Origin : China
    Contact : Wennie Lueng (miss) Leave a message Leave a message
  • Today, there are many materials that you can choose for kitchen counter tops and bathroom vanity tops. And most of you choose Quartz Stone. Why? Simply because it ranks on top of the “Material Used for Kitchen Top”? Not really!


    When people love something, they love it for a reason, or reasons. Whatever it is it must be unique reason that only works on you, at some moment. It can be a touch on the smooth surface, or an casual glance through the shop window, or a deliberate decision after your compare the pros and cons. But most of the people choose Quartz Stone because of the following reasons:


    1. Cost

    Everyone has a budget when he decorates the house. Everyone wants the best value for their money. And it’s not just about how much you pay when you buy it. It also involves the cost of maintenance, the time you would consume and the loss of happy hours with friends.


    2. Appearance

    Quartz, unlike other stone slabs, can be made with a consistent appearance. It can be controlled and produced with one exact color, texture and pattern as long as they are in the same batch. This, I’m sure, will not happen on natural stones.


    3. Strength

    Quartz Stone is made by 93%-94% of natural quartz stone with resin binder and colorant, which gives a high hardness in its nature.


    4. Non-porous

    Granite and marble are both porous stones as we all know. A careless spill will permanently stain the stone. Quartz is a non-porous product which gives no chance to get stained. It is very stain resistant.


    5. Hygienic

    Quartz Stone is made to be hygienic and to reduce the opportunity for bacteria to grow. It’s appropriate for food preparation or consumption.


    6. Maintenance

    Granite and marble countertops must be sealed regularly to prevent staining and the growth of bacteria. This, undoubtedly, is another expenses on the maintenance, while quartz stone does not require sealing or other routine maintenance.


    7. Color consistency

    Granite slabs are sometimes commercially dyed to make a color consistency. These dyes will change over time and once it happens, the appearance of the counter loses its value. Quartz Stone manufactured in one batch will maintain the same color consistency.


    8. Cleaning

    User-friendly is one big advantage of quartz stone counter top because the cleaning is easy. It does not require special bacteria-preventing soaps or chemical product to clean. Read more about “Quartz Stone Maintenance” to know how to take care of quartz counter top.


    9. Scratches

    Quartz Stone, because of its manufacturing process, is a durable and scratch resistant product. As long as you exercise standard care, your counter top will look brand-new throughout its lifetime.